Vision: Social upliftment and boosting social morale through volunteering, participating, coordinating, creating, networking, sharing among youth of Bihar as part of nation building
Bihar Navodayan for Service provides a platform for sharing your socially relevant activities and gets your ideas executed through coordination and cooperation.
India is land of diversity and so we have diverse views, approaches and functioning. We are born leaders and have niche for serving humanity for equality, fraternity and justice. We may have gained experiences, yet we have to give opportunities to youngsters to experiment even with mistakes and learn. This will ultimately help in carving, shaping and making leaders for society.
In the ages of networking, one person doesn’t belong to one organization. As Navodayan for Service we are volunteers for all. We will propose our ideas and get help. At the same time we will spread the proposals forwarded by our fellow Navodayans to be shared in all possible groups, share our resources. Just remember the days of Navodaya School when we shared our knowledge, tricks with our friends who happened to be our great competitor for standing first in the class. Let’s move with the same ethos in our social endeavor. What we are creating is ultimately becoming social capital and hence we should always be prompt to share this social capital in good spirit and transfer to young generation for new creation.
We must maintain porosity. If we are part of some social organization or people working at grass-root level who doesn’t happen to be part of Navodaya family, lets’ share their work as well. Associate all such youths. Bring them in our network. Society has given us. So we have to maintain porosity to include people from wider society as well.
Further there are people who are politically inclined, business minded or have niche in other professions, lets’ share their activities if that is socially relevant and if the purpose matches you may participate and advocate for their cause.
Admin/Editor: Pl mail me (shanta.jnv@gmail.com) for becoming admin/editor for this blog for sharing social things. One admin from each school and all who want to write about grass-root activities will be taken as editor. All admin are supposed to make a separate blog for covering their school widely.

Self Discipline: No one is full time social worker. All have limited time for this cause. So restrain yourself and keep moving this ethos of cooperation. Be responsible for your action. Slow but steadily we should keep moving ahead.